Who owns growth?

A couple of weeks ago I was speaking with a product growth expert, and we started talking about who owns growth inside of companies. One of his comments stuck with me. I’m paraphrasing slightly, but the gist is: the minute one team doesn’t feel like they have some ownership in growth, they disengage, and a disengaged team hurts growth. I think he’s completely right. You need everybody engaged to be successful.

Why does one disengaged team have such a disproportionate impact on growth?

Diagram showing different owners for growth

Well, in the diagram above, you can see different areas of growth broken up by team. Don’t get caught up in how things are categorized; we aren’t suggesting this is how anything should be organized, and some things have shared ownership. This is just to illustrate how different areas of growth have different owners or drivers.

Think about your organization and how much of a blow it would be to the company’s overall success if one of the teams disengaged and did their own thing.

  • There wouldn’t be cohesion.
  • There wouldn’t be a shared goal with a shared understanding of what the issues are.
  • Growth would slow.

Related to all of this, communication is really key. It’s not enough to have groups feel like they have ownership, they need to work together. As an example, the things that meaningfully drive free-to-paid conversions may be owned by multiple teams, despite one team taking responsibility for conversion overall. You need all of the teams exchanging information, talking about approaches, and agreeing on priorities.

How does all of this relate to what Dacture does? As a predictive modeling platform that helps organizations grow and retain revenue, each of these teams can benefit from scenario modeling, especially as it relates to things that drive growth across teams. For an easy example, if we consider conversion, it might look something like:

Diagram showing what each teams needs to change
Maybe Marketing owns conversion overall, but in this example, Product, Sales, and Marketing all own a piece of conversion. Based on the predictions being run, they each have something they can do, that when combined, is expected to increase free-to-paid conversions by 3%.

If you want to learn more about Dacture, join our free beta, or learn more about scenario modeling, reach out. We’re happy to chat and better understand your use cases. You can contact us at info@dacture.com or schedule a meeting with us.

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