Statistical Modeling Guide

You can use statistical modeling to examine the relationship between variables. After examining the relationship between variables, you can predict the statistical significance of a change to a variable.

To build a statistical model:

  1. Choose your data set from the Data Source dropdown.
  2. Choose what you want to model. This is the thing you’re interested in knowing more about, like Signed Up.
  3. Choose one to two variables that you want to use to predict. These are the things that may be related to your selection from Step 2. For example, this could be something like “watched demo” and “tried sandbox”.
  4. Click Build Model.

To predict an outcome based on the input variables from step 3:

  1. Click Predict Outcome.
  2. Choose or enter values for your input variables.
  3. Click Predict.

The page is updated with a section showing the predicted outcome based on those variables.