Here is where you’ll find our FAQ and our user documentation. Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us via our support page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dacture for?

Dacture is designed to empower all teams responsible for revenue generation. All teams with revenue impact should work closely together, using the same predictive modeling tools. When these teams aren’t working closely together, they end up wasting resources by solving for the same problems in silos. The typical groups or roles that find value in our platform include:

  • Product Management
  • Sales Leadership, CROs
  • RevOps
  • Marketing
  • Growth
  • Customer Success
  • Account Executives as consumers of the output

How much data do I need for predictive modeling to be effective?

You only need a few hundred rows of data for Dacture’s predictive modeling to work well. Unlike large language models, our predictions are based entirely on your company data, so we require less of it to be accurate.

How do I use my data with Dacture?

  • CSV Upload: You can upload a csv file using the Upload New option on the Data Sets page.
  • API Connector: You can use an API connector. If you’d like to try the Dacture beta using an API connector, contact us.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Dacture follows best practices for securing data, including encryption.

What are examples of things I’d want to predict?

What you’d want to predict can depend on your business, team, and the data you collect. With that said, here are few common things to predict:

  • How to improve customer acquisition
  • How to improve conversion rates
  • Which customers are most likely to convert or churn
  • How to increase the likelihood of a specific customer converting or being retained
  • What is actually driving MRR/ARR and how to increase it
  • Would increasing price result in increased churn?
  • Which customers are more likely to move to an enterprise plan or be open to an upsell? How do we get more customers moving to the enterprise plan?

Can you help me understand what data points I’d want to use or what questions I’d want predicted?

Absolutely. If you’re interested in how predictive modeling might help your team or organization, but aren’t sure where to start, contact us. We’re happy to help you get started on your predictive journey.